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juliette goodrich shows us the unusual way demonstrators protested these tuition hikes. juliette. >> reporter: dana, it was pretty eye-catching. imagine this. students protesting in cartoon costumes. yes, disney costumes. that's because one of the board members is also a board member for disney. so students are saying money should go to college, not disneyland. [ chanting ] >> reporter: students dressed in disney costumes protesting today's vote to increase university tuition again. >> we're here to say that we're going to keep fighting this. this isn't over. it's completely unacceptable. >> time that we tell big companies they made an incredible amount of money and they are not paying taxes. it affects our school. >> reporter: they took their
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protest inside the meeting. the message was heard but the outcome disappointing. fees must go up. >> it's approved. it's going to happen. >> reporter: the regents approved a 9.6% tuition increase. that's on top of an 8% increase already approved bringing undergrad tuition to more than $12,000 a year. that's 18% higher than last year. and that's without room, board or books. >> we had to approve the increase, no choice, to preserve the quality of the university, the top priority. >> reporter: bottom line, university students like joseph silva will be strapped. >> i'm already working as a barista and server at my current job. wanted this tuition hike, i'm going -- and with this tuition hike, i'm just going to have to take more loans because i can't pay for it just with work, with the financial aid that i got, which makes grad school look
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unreasonable but what am i going to do with just a bachelor's degree now days? >> reporter: uc officials say this is as a result of state budget cuts and they had no choice. but you might imagine, to students, this is an 18% increase from last year so for some students it's a difference between a university, a state college or going to a jc. >> all right. juliette goodrich at ucsf, thank you. a police chase with speeds topping 6miles an hour through an east bay neighborhood ends with a driving smashing into a retaining wall. these pictures from chopper 5 show the imprint of the car into the wall there. the crash happened on tara hills road just outside of pinole. the driver was trapped and unresponsive when paramedics arrived. he had to be flown to john muir trauma center in walnut creek where he is in critical condition tonight. police say it all started when that driver took off after failing to stop. they think he has outstanding traffic violations. a doctor on the way to work
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this morning was killed when his hospital shuttle bus smashed into a big rig. it happened at a san francisco intersection that neighbors call dangerous. joe vazquez reports, this is not the first time a ucsf shuttle has been involved in a deadly crash. joe. >> reporter: in fact, it's the second time over the last year, ken. four passengers as well as the driver of that shuttle bus were brought here to san francisco general hospital. they are going to be okay. the one man who died ironically was a doctor on his way to work. he is a doctor of psychiatry who was working in the emergency room. nobody is saying exactly what caused the wreck. but one san francisco police official tells me clearly someone ran a red light. a ucsf shuttle was going eastbound on oak. a big rig carrying cars was northbound on octavia. they crashed around 6:20.
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the truck driver was identified by his company. he reported that he had a green light and the bus came out of no. >> reporter: this goes on all the time. to be a pedestrian in this area or driving is dangerous. >> reporter: 52-year-old dr. kevin mack was killed after he was thrown out the window of the shuttle and landed underneath the big rig. dr. mack was a psychiatrist at sf general hospital. >> the patients that he cared for here at san francisco general are -- have the least resources of anyone here in the city. and he was there for them even more importantly because it will be his legacy, he was committed to teaching others how to do that, as well. >> reporter: his other passion, his family. dr. mack leaves behind two children. [ indiscernible ] has been his husband since 1998. they have been together for 20 years. octavia and oak has been a
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problem intersection that has seen many wrecks in part because people are trying to get on the freeway nearby and sometimes race through the yellow lights. put could something have prevented this one? a san francisco supervisor says he wants a traffic flow study. he also brings up the issue of seatbelts. these shuttles don't have any. >> we require seatbelts on shuttles for children. i think it begs the question considering how dramatic and severe that this particular incident was and this accident was should seatbelts be part of the commuter experience in terms of that transit experience? and i'd say that this particular incident helps spotlight that strong consideration. >> reporter: this is the second fatality involving a ucsf shuttle bus over the last year. a 65-year-old pedestrian was killed in november as she crossed geary at leavenworth. ucsf officials express their condolences to the mack family
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as well as others involved in the wreck today, ken. but they are not answering questions specifically about that shuttle bus, you know, for one thing, what about those seatbelts? and for another, how well trained are their drivers? we'll have to stay with them as they promise they would get back with us and they still have not answered those questions. >> thank you, joe vazquez in san francisco. we have breaking news out of boston right now where there has been a runway collision at logan international airport. wing of a delta jet clipped the tail of a smaller comair regional player. we are told that one person has been hurt. no other injuries that we know of. just to repeat, logan international airport, there's been a collision between a couple of planes there. as we get more details, we'll pass them on. the girlfriend of the prime suspect in the bryan stow beating is now behind bars.
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police arrest denise piccon charged with possession of drugs and weapons. she has pleaded not guilty. her boyfriend giovanni ramirez remains in l.a. county jail on a weapons charge. he is suspected of beating stow into a coma but has not been charged. stow has been able to open his mouth on his own when a nurse asks to take his temperature. a charred woman's body found lying in the middle of the street and police in oakland are trying to figure out how it happened. a neighbor spotted the body early this morning in rockridge. christin ayers reports the grisly discovery came as a shock to the neighborhood. >> reporter: dana, neighbors here in rockridge still shaken up after that early-morning discovery. the body was found smoldering in the street just a few feet away from an upscale $3 million home. now, right now authorities are conducting an autopsy. the body has not yet been
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identified. all they are saying is that a woman -- it was a woman and she probably did not live in the rockridge area. she also had other injuries. authorities stopped short of saying the body had been dumped here. neighbors told me they haven't heard of anything even completely similar to happening in this sheltered section of north oakland. violent crime is relatively rare here. >> the body right now appears to be a female. there is some fire damage to the body. >> this is pretty good neighborhood, for oakland especially. i know there have been robberies in the past but i never heard of a dead body. >> reporter: one theory is that whoever did this chose this particular area because it's close to highway 24 and provides a quick escape route. police are expected once they have identified the body to start checking some of the missing persons registries to see whether or not they can
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make a match there once they get that identity. we have also learned now that there is a $10,000 crimestoppers reward being offered to anyone who is able to provide information leading to an arrest. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5 cbs. in the headlines, firefighters right now mopping up after putting out this brush fire near the altamont pass. those flames broke out just after 1:00 this afternoon. cal fire says the blaze torched more than 400 acres. heavy smoke was visible from interstate 580. fire crews were able to put down the fire before flames affected any nearby power lines. pg&e will now be required to provide firefighters were maps of their facilities. the state public utilities commission issued some new rules today. pg&e will also be required to give the puc inspection records of gas transmission and gas storage shutoff valves. the changes follow recommendations made in the wake of the san bruno pipeline
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explosion. and police say they found another stolen picasso in the new jersey apartment of the man accused of stealing a picasso drawing in san francisco. the "chronicle" reports the police raid netted about half a million dollars in stolen artwork. the newly found picasso belonged to a new york hotel. mark lugo is also accused of stealing several very expensive bottles of wine back in april. he is expected in court in san francisco tomorrow. this is the fight i can wage a 71 years old. >> a south bay woman is taking matters into her own hands. you could call her the enforcer. breakfast may never, the same. big change coming to some of the most popular foods for kids. sometimes it gets kind of
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migraines. >> got pms? a new ad campaign claims something in your fridge could be the cure. why some say it's offensive and misleading. ,,,,,,,,,,
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required to cover the contributions of the l-g-b-t community in soc another landmark law in california. public schools will now be required to cover the contributions of the lgbt community in their social studies courses. the governor's office announced today that he signed the bill. he issued a statement saying, quote, history should be honest. it will be up to local school boards to decide how to implement the law. it doesn't specify at which grade level the instruction should begin. the new requirement goes into effect for the school year starting in 2013. meantime, california schools are getting a break from a new law requiring students to prove they have been vaccinated against
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whooping cough before they enroll. schools will be allowed a 30- day grace period for students who don't meet the requirements. students entering grade 7 through 12 must now prove they got a booster shot for pertussis. that rule was passed after an epidemic of 9,000 case hit california last year. that killed 10 infants. a change is coming to the way junk food is marketed to children. general mills, conagra and kellogg have promised to curb ads pushing unhealthy food to kids. and they say they will drastically change what is advertised. they have come up with new standards that will allow the companies to promote food and drinks if they meet criteria. they might have to change recipes to have less sodium, fat, sugar and calories so they can be advertised. well, got pms? the new marketing campaign is gearing up to convince you to grab a carton of milk. >> but is there any real
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science behind this claim? dr. kim mulvihill joins us now. and i'm sure you have researched this well and are going to tell us all the facts. >> first off, ken, pms, premenstrual syndrome, is real. millions of women face this on a monthly basis. the question, will milk make it any easier? reporter: many women get it and dread it. the monthly curse of pms. >> feels like a demon living inside me basically. [ laughter ] >> that's true. >> and, you know, it just was -- made you feel really out of control. >> reporter: well, a big glass of milk should drive the demon out. according to the california milk processor board, milk works wonders for pms. this week, the board launched a campaign showing how calcium in dairy milk helps to reduce symptoms. the theme? everything i do is wrong. it plays on the idea that men don't know how to handle women as they approach their period. the board believes the humor
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gets the message across. not everyone is laughing. >> oh, no. condescending. everyone is so different. >> just take it with a grain of salt. >> reporter: what's the evidence behind the claim? in a study of nearly 500 women researchers found calcium supplements 1200 milligrams a day really improves symptoms. that's the amount of calcium in these two caplets. how much milk you would have to drink? four eight ounce glasses of milk. >> oh. that's a lot of milk. >> reporter: not only that. women with a higher body mass index are at higher risk of developing pms. so if you want to try the milk remedy, stick to skim or low fat but don't expect miracles. >> her whole life and it didn't affect anything. still grim. >> reporter: now, every woman is different. dietary and lifestyle changes can often help with pms. in addition it calcium, vitamin
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e and magnesium may help. when that's not enough, prescription medications might make a difference. keep an open mind and you know -- >> laugh about it. >> i think calcium -- >> you mentioned something a while ago. we were talking about. ice cream. >> yeah. >> ice cream. who doesn't love ice cream? who is that the not going to put a smile on everyone's face, husbands, wives. >> got ice cream? >> ice cream. >> of course, you know, age -- >> i knew it. >> age also helps. eventually -- >> eventually it stops. >> eventually the pms gets replaced by other things, yes. >> great. happy talk here. thank you. [ laughter ] let's check in with roberta right now for the latest. >> i know. why are you guys coming to me after the pms story? huh? what did i do to tick you off? >> don't be so upset, roberta. >> i know what it is, it's the cooler weather, isn't it? today's numbers, a good 19 degrees below average in many neighborhoods. this is the scene in san jose where today's high temperature was 70. look at that visibility though.
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you have to admit with the cooler air mass, we have great air quality and unlimited visibility. now, at this hour, we still have some areas of low clouds and fog stacked up around the san mateo coast but because of a northerly and northwesterly wind to scour out much of the marine layer, nevertheless it will be pushing back onshore tonight. now, if you are out the door right now, make sure you have a jacket. the winds have been howling out of the west at 20, gusts up to, boy, 33 miles per hour. we do have delays at sfo over two hours on some arriving flights. these are the current numbers 5. 4 in pacifica to 74 degrees in santa rosa. these numbers again anywhere between 7 and 19 degrees below where they should be for this time of year. now, we do bank on tomorrow maybe a degree or two warmer and. reason is, take a look at your pinpoint forecast. this looks like every other day we have been featuring and forecasting this week except one notable difference. the low clouds, fog, scour out a little bit earlier during the
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afternoon hours. so again, i'm living large! going out there with the slight warming trend tomorrow. a degree warmer. in vallejo at 69 degrees, 71 degrees in redwood city and in san jose, this weekend, it's try for fun, you will want the arm warmers, 65 degrees at the beginning at the tri for fun. this weekend will be the warmest of the two coming up on saturday. warmer weather by this time next week. that's the pinpoint forecast. i'm mike sugerman. a mere muggle among the wizards waiting for harry potter. are you excited? > yeah, i'm excited. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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began the process of converting at&t park into the home of the giants will look a little different for the next few days. it was converted to a soccer
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pitch. on saturday manchester city from the english premier league will take on club america from the premier division in more. it's part of the herbalife football challenge a friendly tournament being held around the united states and british columbia. >> it's a world series champion venue with two of the best teams playing so it's exciting to have that here in the bay area. >> this is the first soccer match at the ballpark since march of 2005. and don't forget on sunday, the u.s. women's soccer team takes on japan in the world cup finals. it has been 10 years in the making. i know you're excited about this. "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2" marks the end of the book series and the film franchise. this is it. it will be over. 10 years. >> i should probably see one of them. fans have been lining up for a day all over the world to catch tonight's midnight showing.
6:23 pm
mike sugerman is at the metreon in san francisco with the local frenzy going on, mike. >> reporter: okay. we have been here in san francisco, we were in san jose, 16 theaters here at the metreon and they are full of harry potter fans lined up halfway to hogwarts i think. there's magic in the air at these theaters. people have been lined up 18 hours. wizards and muggles a like, a decade of harry potter movies have grossed $6.4 billion. this is the 8th and final movie. no surprises. the people who follow this know what happens at the end because they read the book. it's all based on the book, which i would say everybody here read but it is the end of an era. >> because i have seen every, single one of them at a midnight showing since i was like 10. so just felt perfect how to get
6:24 pm
needed out completely. >> it's my childhood. it's like all the magic and all the fun that like every kid imagines rolled into a book series. it's great characters and really great life lessons. >> my 18-year-old wasn't reading until read the first harry potter book and then i became an avid reader. >> you know, you hear that story over and over again. it started a generation to read. i remember reading with my kid when he was 9 and now he is 22. he is not here tonight because he doesn't have one of those wizard hats but you can see the show anytime -- these people just decided to get here 18 hours, 12 hours, before midnight so they could be here. in san jose there is a 2:30 show at the tech museum. that's sold out and they started lining up there at 10a so it's very exciting and alas the last time they will be lining up for harry potter.
6:25 pm
kenny? >> yeah, it's incredible, mike. elizabeth was talking at 5:00 about how there is a 3 a.m. show in los angeles. it's a 24-hour deal all around the country, right? >> reporter: right. they just wave their magic wand and make money. >> i think the point that it taught a generation -- gave a generation a love for reading is probably the best thing about it. >> reporter: there are a lot of great life lessons in here about parenting and about morals and treating your fellow humans right. it really is kind of a cool series. >> all right. well, enjoy. get in line. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm too late. >> okay. mike sugerman, thank you. the city calls them slumlords. >> raw sewage floods into apartments, locks on the doors that actually are chained shut with a padlock. >> we are going to show you the unprecedented action against two landlords who refuse to
6:26 pm
clean up their acts. a neighborhood action taking place right now in east san jose. the street some say is more like a speedway. what neighbors say has to be done to make things safer. and why flooding in the midwest is putting california's high-speed rail money in jeopardy. ,,,,,,,, i want to crush more cars.
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ever seen. inhumane living conditions at four apartment buildings at the hands of two ultiple it's being called one of the worst landlord conditions, inhumane conditions at four apartment buildings at the hands of two landlords with multiple properties. now an unprecedented reality check for them. robert lyles shows us the neglect and how the gavel has fallen. >> rats and roaches and mold and mildew. >> reporter: neighborhood law attorney jesse newmar says it's one of the worst landlord- tenant violations oakland has faced. >> raw sewage floods into apartments, locks on the doors that are chained shut with a padlock so if there was a fire you would be stuck inside. >> reporter: there was a fire at 1733 seminary and newmark says it wasn't smoke detectors that saved the tenants. >> they only woke up from the
6:30 pm
smell of the smoke. and the reason that was is because none of the smoke detectors in the building were working. >> reporter: so the city sued this woman and her husband john calling them -- >> slumlords is really the only appropriate word for it. >> reporter: accusing the couple of permitting bedbugs to feast on renters at four east oakland apartment buildings they own. so we took the photos straight to mrs. gardner at one of the those buildings on 23rd avenue. >> illusion. >> reporter: you're saying this is an illusion? >> yes. >> reporter: it is not a bedbug bite? >> no. >> what is it? >> drugs. >> reporter: she says tenants late on rent trumped up the charges. >> they have one bedbug with the scotch tape and saving or not corner of the place. >> reporter: city code enforcement found a decade of violations. >> everything i done just never go there. so that's why i want invite the channel to go to see the
6:31 pm
apartment. >> reporter: so we did. >> from apartment it will show very beautiful. >> reporter: she didn't want to us go next door perhaps because that apartment's kitchen was filled with cockroac larvae. next door, and there are roaches. >> yes. they have roaches. >> reporter: downstairs -- i can easily move that. that's dangerous. >> who come here and move it? nobody come in the back. >> reporter: but if i can move it then anybody can come here and move it. >> so this one need to take it out. that's it. >> but you're the landlord. >> no, i'm not landlord no more. i'm sick of it already. >> reporter: it seems a supreme court judge is sick of their failure to take action so she stripped them of all four apartment buildings including taking this unprecedented step. >> they can no longer ever again own multi-unit rental properties in oakland. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs 5. an update on breaking news out of boston where there has
6:32 pm
been a runway collision at logan international airport. the wing of a delta boeing 767 clipped the tail of a smaller plane that provides regional service. an airport spokesman is confirming that one person is complaining of neck pain there. there are no other injuries. the 767 is back at the terminal. there's pretty extensive damage to the smaller aircraft as you can imagine. and there will be an investigation obviously into how these two planes were ever allowed to get so close. a south bay senior citizen is fed up and taking matters into her own hands. she is tired of drivers speeding down the residential street where she lives. she says drivers ignore the 25- mile-an-hour limit on mount mckinley drive in san jose. len ramirez on her one-woman war against speeders. len. >> reporter: lots of neighborhoods have speeding
6:33 pm
problem but very few neighborhoods have someone like mrs. williams who has recruited neighbors to hold signs out here to help people slow down and make the neighborhood safer. >> those are the ones that i'm doing this for. >> reporter: for mrs. williams, this -- >> 25. >> reporter: -- is a one-woman war against speeders. >> because they can drive right by me ♪ look right through me ♪ and never know i'm there >> reporter: the 71-year-old former methodist youth group leader spends most of her afternoons singing and holding hand made signs in front of her east san jose home urging drivers to slow down. >> ♪ because they drive right past me ♪ >> reporter: she has lived on this road since 1962 at a place where a slight hill and a mild "s" curve seem to bring out a driver's inner andretti. people often go much faster than the posted 25-mile-per-
6:34 pm
hour limit. >> if some child ran out in the street after their ball or something, they would be dead. that's how fast they're going. >> reporter: fed up after spending an afternoon on hold trying to complain to city hall, she decided after 49 years to take matters into her own hands. >> i'm all done being upset about it, we're in a financial crisis. the city's in trouble financially. police are in trouble financially. what can i do about it on my own? and i made -- i just threw this sign together. and i stand out in my driveway and i wave it and i made up a song for myself pause you have to keep moving our get all cramped up, you know, at 71. >> reporter: some drivers seem to appreciate the reminder. >> slowing down! >> thank you! >> reporter: thumbs up on that one. others give her different kinds of hand gestures. what's it like to get flipped off at 71? >> well, i really just prefer
6:35 pm
to flip them back, you know. what do i care? >> reporter: but many of the neighbors think she is doing the neighborhood a service. >> since she has been out there i have seen people slow down when they come past her so she is doing some good. >> reporter: they all just hope it's enough to finally get the city's attention. >> this is the fight i can wage at 71 years old. this is the only fight i can wage. >> reporter: mrs. williams and her neighbors have been out here for the past couple of days, but they can't stay out here forever. what they would like is to get a stop sign here on their street so that people will slow down before proceeding through the neighborhood. this has been going on for a couple of days of. it is getting some attention. hopefully it's getting the right kind of attention at city hall. >> hopefully. thank you. california's high-speed rail project could be on the fast track to losing hundreds
6:36 pm
of millions of dollars. the house is set to vote on a bill that would divert two billion dollars of the federal stimulus money for high-speed rail projects to midwest flood relief. $213million of that money was promised to california. the senate has not yet drafted its own version of that bill. other bay area headlines tonight. all lanes of highway 87 in san jose are back open tonight after a big sinkhole opened up. caltrans shut down the number 3 lane of the southbound west alma avenue off-ramp about 3 a.m. the hole measured about 30 by 30 feet. but it has since been repaired. a 17-year-old girl is in critical condition after the tide swept her out to sea near muir beach in marin. she and two of her friends were walking to a cove near the beach when a wave hit them. one of the three got swept out to the ocean of the a good samaritan reached her and was
6:37 pm
able to push her closer to shore when rescuers arrived and rescued them all. the first signs of a possible compromise to avoid a potentially disastrous default emerged from the white house tonight but there is still no deal. as manuel gallegus reports, though, there are dire warnings from the financial world. >> reporter: lawmakers are pointing fingers blaming each other for the debt stalemate. >> republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the obama economy and we won't let the white house fool around with the full faith and credit of the united states. >> this was never about debt for them. it's only been about protecting the wealthiest few while middle class americans and seniors pay the price. >> reporter: president obama called leading lawmakers back to the white house thursday. a democratic official says they talked details and now the leaders need to talk to the other members of their respective parties on capitol
6:38 pm
hill. but there is still no deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut federal spending. democrats want to tie in some tax increases. but republicans are refusing to consider that. smiles didn't last at wednesday's meeting where temper flared. at one point, president obama declared enough is enough and demanded both sides find a fix by the end of the week. >> there's too much at stake for us to be playing political games and i was very blunt about that. >> reporter: his treasury secretary echoed that message during a visit to capitol hill. >> and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem. >> reporter: with the august 2 deadline looming, moody's rating service warns it's putting america's bond rating under review for a downgrade. if that happens, rates would jump for mortgages, car loans and other debts. manuel gallegus, cbs news. government leaders in minnesota have reached a deal to end a budget impasse that led to the longest state government shutdown in recent
6:39 pm
history. the two sides agreed to delay state aid checks to school districts and sell tobacco payment bonds. the plan is expected to raise about $1.5 billion. and this ends a two-week shutdown. my game is called cafe adventure. this is my character. and this is the trampoline. >> forget arts and crafts and swim lessons. this is summer camp with a high- tech twist. and what would you do if you ran into a shark? whoa! wait until you see how a california fisherman fought one off with his bare hands. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
and this summer, thousands of kids in palo alto are getting in on the action. not just playing them, but making this summer thousands of kids in palo alto are getting in on the tech action not just playing games but making them. that's right. kara tsuboi takes us to tech camp. >> reporter: it's all fun and games with a twist.
6:42 pm
these kids aren't just playing games. they're making software or apps for iphones and ipads. >> it's fun. >> i love the creativity. >> reporter: these kids have enrolled at id tech camp at stanford. here they learn game salad a software program that lets them design a wide variety of original games. >> you're in a mining cart and go on this route and collect crystal. >> this is my character and this is the trampoline so you push power and they shoot little pellets at enemy. >> it's their ideas coming to life not just them sitting and playing just staring at screen. they understand what goes into it. >> reporter: after a week they get it take home their game on a thumb drive so they can work on it or upload it to their devices to play with family and friends. 11-year-old kennedy kirk is
6:43 pm
even thinking of putting her justin bieber-themed game on itunes. >> maybe 99 cents. >> reporter: she may consider a job designing games someday. when you start at age 11, you have a pretty good jump on the competition. in palo alto, i'm kara tsuboi, for cbs news. we are going to another kind of story, a fish tale with some real teeth to it. >> lean away! >> california fishermen who wrestled and 8-foot shark with his bare hands and survived. we're surviving the unseasonably cool weather here in the bay area. some neighborhoods a good 19 degrees below average. we'll pinpoint your weekend forecast but first, kim has more on sports. >> how ben crenshaw is hoping a local amateur get to the big
6:44 pm
stage. sports is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. probably run in the other
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direction. but one thrill- what you would do if you came face to face with a shark? >> i know. you wouldn't run away. i would swim in the other direction. but one thrill seeking kayaker who might need to have his head examined in santa barbara actually reeled one in wrestled it down with his bare hands. shark dragged the santa barbara fisherman overboard. but the man still held onto the shark's tail underwater. he eventually got back into his ter a half hour >> lean away. >> far away! this 8-foot long shark dragged the man overboard be he held the tail under water. got back in the kayak unhurt after about a half hour of fighting with that thing. apparently he likes to do this for fun. he does this on the weekend. he goes out on his kayak and wrestles sharks. >> the shark just wanted to get away. >> look what happened. he got all stuck -- >> the only sharks i like to get close to, they skate at the
6:48 pm
ice tank. in san jose. yeah. when is hockey season about 70 days from now? >> really. it's like tomorrow. >> it feels like hockey season around here. numbers today averaging a good 19 degrees below normal for this time of the year in some neighborhoods. this is out our live cbs 5 weather camera. the one great thing with the cooler air mass happens to be the great air quality. we have visibility unlimited at this hour. and currently, air temperatures have been pretty much in the 50s, 60s and low 70s after realizing a high today of 76 degrees in fairfield it was 60 in san francisco. and 74 degrees in san jose. now, as far as your numbers are concerned, the averages anywhere between 7 and 19 degrees off the mark. livermore at 69. we usually should be at 88. out and about on this thursday evening, have a jacket. numbers into the 50s, 60s and 70s.winds up to 33 miles per
6:49 pm
hour. pinpoint forecast places the extension of the low clouds and fog once again tonight well inland. but friday afternoon a little bit of an earlier retreat of the clouds so we'll see some peeks of sunshine at the beaches. in pacifica seeing a little sunshine. tomorrow with that ample sun temperatures go up one or two degrees. we are talking gradual warming through the weekend. this is an area of low pressure that's pushed inland over the pacific northwest. that will allow high pressure to build in. the jet stream will divert north and take the cool air with it. so gradual warming through next week. tomorrow hi-5 4 70s in san jose, still cool. so tomorrow as we slide towards the weekend, baseball returns
6:50 pm
to the bay area. the oakland as play host to california angels. game time temperature at 58. on saturday, it's tri for fun in pleasanton. 65 degrees. sunday we have the half ironman 75 degrees by the time you hit the pavement to run. there is the extended forecast. warmer weather not seasonal until tuesday. that's the pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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the us open made him an instant favorite for the british, but after round one mcilroy is looking up at a kid two years his junior... rory mcilroy is an instant favorite for the british open but after round one he is looking up at a kid two years his junior. sandwich, england, royal saint george's hosting the british open. mcilroy cooled off from his run at congressional with a bogey on the first hole. he finished one over six shots off the lead but the shot of the day belongs to an american. dustin johnson who tanked a pitching wedge 160 yards into the hole for an as that brought him to even par and that's how he finished. he had a hole in one. thomas bjorn birdied 15 after a great approach.
6:54 pm
he was in contention at the 2003 british open and is again today after fire a 5-under par 65. he was tied by tom lewis who had a birdie on 17. his 65 is the lowest round ever for an amateur at the british open. bjorn's father passed away in may. it made for an emotional press conference. >> went... [ pause ] >> he meant a lot to me. [ pause ] >> he would have been very proud of what i did today. that's all i really got to say. >> closer to home, a 15-year- old state amateur champion is suddenly on the fast track thanks to the generosity of a golfing legend. >> he is very quiet.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: livermore's casey wasn't even born when ben crenshaw was slipping on his second green jacket back in 1995. despite a 44-year age difference, they forged a unique friend ship and last sunday combined to win the first tee open at pebble beach with an impressive 22 strokes under par. >> she has a great passion for the game. and she has the brightest future. >> reporter: the two met at a clinic in napa and as a 7-year- old, she made quite an impression on the practice tee. >> when i hit it, he was like i bet you can't do it again. so i did it again. and that night when we went home, my dad sent him an email saying that she was a little girl. he sent me a book, a letter. >> ben crenshaw is one of the most unique people i have met when it comes to a big heart. >> reporter: crenshaw's interest in casey fueled her passion for the game. her father harry has a team of
6:56 pm
five specialists working to ensure casey is the next golf whiz. >> biomechanics, my trainers, golf coaches, psychologists. >> we had lesson and we had a instructor who had a cutdown club on the side of the bag. i don't know what he used it for. one day she walked over grabbed it and started hitting balls. eventually he paid more attention to her than me. >> reporter: cathrea has won over 140 amateur events and when she is not on the course you can find her in the gym. >> when up a young person who from the age of 5, six, 6, kind of knows what they want to do, 15 years old, pushing my bed at 4:30, get out of bed, we have go to the gym, it's just unusual. she is an unusual person. baseball now. disappointing news for as starter brett anderson had had tommy john surgery on his elbow today. anderson has been out for over
6:57 pm
a month and will miss the remainder of the season. >> roger clemens of all the dramatic things... >> there will not be a third day of testimony in the roger clemens perjury trial. judge walton declared a mistrial saying prosecutors presented evidence to the jury that was not allowed and clemens will have to wait until september to see if there will be another trial. that stems from andy pettitte talking to his wife. >> somebody that d.a.'s office is going to be in trouble. >> no doubt. and first year attorneys should know better than to use evidence that was disallowed. >> you go into court there's pretrial motions. you can use this, can't use that. to violate that is unconscionable. somebody screwed up big. >> not to mention the taxpayer dollars. it took a week to select the jury. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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